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FREE Fitness Belt Set

Carry your belongings easily and securely while you walk your way to fitness.

  • One for you and one for a friend
  • Adjusts to fit comfortably
  • Pockets hold your phone, keys and other items
  • Features a handy slot for ear buds
  • A slot to hold and keep your water bottle handy

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FREE Choose Cigna Medicare Advantage, a plan comparison guide

Learn how you can get more benefits and incentives than Original Medicare with a Medicare Advantage plan from Cigna, including*:

  • $0 or low monthly premium
  • $0 or low pharmacy and medical deductibles
  • $0 or low-cost primary care physician visits
  • $0 or low-cost specialist visits
  • $0 preventive care
  • $0 transportation to and from health services**
  • $0 copay for many prescription drugs
  • Telehealth Services – Virtual primary care physician visits, online or by phone
  • No-referral plans available±
  • Dental services
  • Hearing aid services with hearing aid coverage
  • Vision services with an eyewear allowance
  • 24-hour health information line
  • Fitness program - A fitness center membership, a home fitness kit and more
  • Receive a gift card for doing healthy activities

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